Upcoming Hosts and Themes

December 2010: Hectocotyli / Hectocotyli (theme: blood)

January 2011: Hannah Waters / Culturing Science (theme: Body Odor)

February 2011: John McKay / Mammoth Tales (theme: roadkill and animal remains)

March 2011: Jason Goldman / The Thoughtful Animal (theme: weird animal sex)

April 2011: Pascale Lane / WhizBANG! (theme: urine)

May 2011: Miriam Goldstein / Deep Sea News (theme: parasites)

June 2011: Bec Crew / Save Your Breath For Running Ponies (theme: animal poisons/chemical weaponry)

July 2011: Andi Kuszewski / Rogue Neuron (theme: masturbation)

August 2011: Jeremy Yoder / Denim and Tweed (theme: genitals)

September 2011: Jason Robertson / Cephalopodcast (theme: mucus)

October 2011: Science is Sexy (theme: human sex and attraction)

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